Increase customer revenues with AI

Improve per customer revenues by recommending movies & tv shows to rent and buy.
This TV service provider wanted to leverage the the millions of records of customer TV viewing behavior it received each day to recommend movies and tv shows customers could rent On Demand.

Data Clariti’s solution consisted of 3 parts: (a) Data scrubbing, unification of multiple data catalogs (b)a recommendation engine driven by collaborative filtering which recommended movies and tv shows based on the customer’s past behavior AND based on the shows watched by similar customers. (c) a neural network-based engine used to predict which movies and TV shows the customer is most likely to rent based on past customer behavior.

Customers can now be recommended TV shows and movies to rent instead of browsing through 100s of options, which led to increased ARPUs and reduced churn. The TV service provider had a deeper insight into the daily, weekly, seasonal, monthly viewing patterns of customers which helped during content rights negotiations.